Ammonia Industrial Refrigeration:

Reciprocating Compressors

VMC 350ES, VMC 440, and VMC 450 XL

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Vilter offers four different lines of reciprocating refrigeration compressors, including the VMC 440, VMC 350ES and the flagship VMC 450 XL. The 450 XL is an extremely versatile compressor that incorporates all of the features of the world-famous Vilter VMC 440, offering substantial saving per ton of refrigeration produced. It can operate at compression ratios up to 14:1 with certain refrigerants. It can be belt-driven up to 300 BHP or direct-driven up to 375 BHP. It is capable of operating at pressure differentials up to 250#, actual discharge pressures to 350#, and suction pressures to 150#.


                      Vilter is the name to rely on for dependable, high-performance refrigeration. Our products include a complete line of compressors, condensers, heat exchangers and related equipment to solve any refrigeration challenge. You'll find Vilter equipment used throughout the world, from the smallest cold storage room to huge food processing operations.


Screw Compressors

The Vilter single screw compressor is a rotary, positive displacement compressor which incorporates a main screw and two gaterotors. Compression of the gas is accomplished by the engagement of the two gaterotors with the helical grooves in the main screw. The drive shaft imparts rotary motion to the main screw which in turn drives the intermeshed gaterotors.

The compressor is comprised of three fundamental components that rotate and complete the work of the compression process. This typically includes a cylindrical main screw with six helical grooves and two planar gaterotors, each with 11 teeth. The rotational axes of the gaterotors are parallel to each other and mutually perpendicular to the axis of the main screw.

VSS – Single Screw Compressor with the 5/15 warranty.

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    Vilter’s VSS line of single screw compressors delivers higher performance than twin screw compressors and have fewer moving parts than reciprocating compressors. The key to Vilter’s single screw compressors reliability is its balanced design. The inherent design advantage allows Vilter to offer the 5/15, a five-year warranty on internal components and a fifteen-year warranty on bearings, the industry’s longest. Besides ultra-low bearing wear, the balanced design decreases vibrations and sound levels. The addition of Vilter’s exclusive Parallex™ slide system allows the compressor to run at optimum efficiency.

VSM – Mini Screw Compressor with the 5/15 warranty

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The Vilter Mini Screw is the latest in Vilter’s long, respected line of compressors for industrial cooling applications. The VSM, featuring Vilter’s signature single screw design, has one main rotor and either one or two gaterotors, depending on the model. The VSM is quieter than twin screws, especially the gear driven models. Its compact design has no external tubing on the compressor, no gear box and an optional oil pump (based on applications), making the VSM a very cost-efficient model. It features the new Vission™ micro-controller and our exceptional 5/15 warranty.

Cool Compression Series

The Cool Compression series of industrial refrigeration compressors offers several advantages over twin screw and even over other single screw compressors

  These compressors have fewer components, which reduce overall maintenance over the life of the unit. Plus, it uses the efficiency of direct contact heat transfer to cool the compressor oil right in the oil separator, which eliminates the need for an oil cooler.

In addition, Cool Compression reduces oil carryover and eliminates oil foaming because the liquid ammonia layer in the separator covers the heavier oil.

The high efficiencies of the standard Vilter Screw Compressor can save you millions in energy and maintenance costs.

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          VRS – Rotary Screw Compressor Units

Vilter Rotary Screw compressor units (VRS) offer a multitude of industrial performance features evolved over a century of refrigeration design experience. It is available in a number of sizes and can operate on any of the commonly used industrial refrigerants.

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              Vilter Rotary Screw compressor units (VRS) offer a multitude of industrial performance features evolved over a century of refrigeration design experience. It is available in a number of sizes and can operate on any of the commonly used industrial refrigerants.

  With more than a centrury of industrial refrigeration experience, Vilter has the expertise needed to address today's increasingly complex cooling applications.  No two customers share the exact same refrigeration requirements.  Tonnage requirements, client specifications, and space restrictions can vary significantly from application to application.  However, all of our customers do share the need for a refrigeration system that will minimize operating costs and maintain vital process temperatures.  And Vilter is a name that stands for quality.


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From initial design and engineering to techniques and materials used for product assembly, Vilter's exacting standards of craftsmanship combine tradition and technology.

Packaged Refrigeration Systems

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       Vilter offers packaged refrigeration systems to meet any need. These complete, factory-engineered and assembled systems are designed to meet your specific requirements and address your unique cooling problems.

 Vilter's Packaged Refrigeration Systems provide:

  • SIGNIFICANT SAVINGS - Vilter's Packaged Refrigeration Systems save you on-site assembly costs.
  • VILTER'S EXPERTISE - Vilter's technical and engineering staff design a complete system specific to your requirements. Fabrication and assembly are done by union specialists with quality tools to ensure exact alignment and a clean, leak-free system.
  • AUTOMATIC CONTROLS - Master electrical control panels are mounted directly on your system. Completely factory-wired and tested, the unit is "ready to go" when it arrives at the job site.
  • SPACE SAVINGS - The compact design of the packaged unit permits your architect to design a much smaller mechanical equipment room. The modern machine room takes on a new appearance because all the equipment has been factory-built onto a single, structural steel base which is located in the center of the room with aisle space around it.
  • MOBILITY - With rapidly changing process requirements, the need to change or revise your mechanical room means you need easy mobility. With all the equipment mounted on a single base, your system can be moved out just as easily as it was moved in.

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  • TIME SAVINGS - As your machine room foundation is being constructed, your Vilter system is simultaneously being built in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, saving you on total project time.
  • VILTER'S OUTSTANDING WARRANTY AND SERVICE - Vilter's Packaged Refrigeration Systems carry a factory warranty second-to-none, and our factory-trained refrigeration engineers are available for installation and start-up.
  • Air Units

    Vilter offers a wide choice of air unit models, each available for liquid recirculation, flooded, direct expansion and brine applications. The unit coil is hot-dip galvanized after fabrication and is backed by a five-year warranty.

    LP and VLP Models

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    Vilter's Low Profile (LP) and Very Low Profile (VLP) air units are ideal for low headroom applications and smaller room sizes. Both units are extremely quiet with 1/3 HP, 1150 RPM, and 16" (VLP) or 18" (LP) propeller fans. Standard units are draw-through type but can be furnished for blow-through operation for low discharge air velocities. VLP units come standard with full width drain pans.

    SC and SSC Models

    Standard Cooler (SC) and Stainless Steel Standard Cooler (SSC) units are furnished with either ½ HP motors for wet coil operation or ¾ HP motors for frosted coil operation. Both types use 24" diameter propeller fans with 1150 RPM motors for quiet operation. Draw-through design is standard. Blow-through is optional. The SCX model is a draw-through model with optional externally mounted motors.

    HP Models

    For freezers or coolers, Vilter's High Performance (HP) medium capacity units are furnished with 1 HP or 1-1/2 HP motors and 30" diameter cast aluminum fans operating at 1150 RPM.

    BF Models

    For blast freezers or large cold storage facilities, Blast Freezer (BF) units are available in sizes from 14 square feet of face area and above. These units can be selected for the external static pressure required. 2 HP to 10 HP motors drive 30" to 42" diameter fans. The BF can be used in downblast and penthouse configurations. Special coil and fan banks are available for spiral conveyor applications.

    FP Models

    Vilter's Floor-type Propeller Fan (FP) models are available for a wide variety of applications. Standard fan sizes are 24" and 30" with ½ to 1 HP motors. The configuration is ideal for rooms requiring refrigeration where ceiling-hung units are not practical. Custom units to meet specific space limitations and capacity are available.

    CV Models

    Cabinet-style High Velocity (CV) chiller units with straight air flow are ideal in processing applications for quick pull-down in batch loaded cabinets. Standard fan sizes are 24" and 30" with 1 HP motor. Special units can be provided for large conveyor systems.

    UF and SUF Models

    Well suited for work rooms and chill rooms with an Umbrella Air Flow (UF) pattern, these quiet, low air velocity units are furnished with 1/3 HP 18" fans or ½ HP 24" fans. Both are available with special 2-speed motors.

    KK/BB Models

    Vilter's KK/BB models are ideal for very low headroom applications. With an improved air delivery and air distribution system, the 1 HP, 1150 RPM centrifugal fans provide low velocity circulation with extremely low noise.

    CC and CF Models

    For a wide variety of applications, Vilter's Centrifugal (CC) and (CF) models offer a wide range of capacities in both ceiling-hung and floor-standing configurations. These units can be used in systems requiring external static pressure. In addition, they are well suited for coolers and freezers where long air throw and quiet operation are required. Fan diameters range from 18" to 25" with 3 to 30 HP motors.